Arrival and Departure

On Arrival

  • Alarm off and will stay off for your visit

  • Satellite TV (detailed directions below)

  • DVD player

  • Wifi:  Light House;  Password:  nightfalcon

  • Thermostat

  • Gas fireplace

  • Sheets and towels are cleaned and out

  • Kitchen is fully stocked

  • Keurig, tea, and drinks

  • Phone Location

  • Fire extinguisher/baking soda for grease fires

  • Broom and clean-up supplies located in laundry room

  • Set full trash bags in white shed in trash bin

  • Firewood available upon request

  • Do not open locked gates (we have bulls!)

  • Blaze orange provided if you visit during hunting season

  • Food Country in New Castle is the nearest grocery store

On Departure

  • Please sign guest book

  • Leave bed unmade

Lighthouse Television Instructions


Direct TV  

1. Press the power button on the red/black Dish remote and wait 5 seconds.  

2. On left hand side of remote, press the SAT button for satellite and TV will turn on. 


Netflix or DVR recording  

1. Using the same red/black dish remote, press the “house” icon and pick Netflix, Hulu, recording, etc. and navigate using that remote.  

2. When you are ready to logout of Netflix, go to settings within the app and press exit Netflix.  This will take you directly back to satellite television.  



The television has sound already but for surround sound and the sound bar – use the Sony Soundbar remote and press the on button. You can turn this off at any time and lower levels of sound will still play out of the television.


DVD Player 

1. Unplug the large “Rocketfish” black cord out of the back of the hopper and plug it into Port #1    at the back of the DVD player.  

2. Turn on with the smaller DVD remote and navigate accordingly.  

3. If at any point nothing is on the screen, press input on the dish remote and make sure you are on HDMI 1 OR 4 (depending on which way you have cord in for – TV or DVD)