Meet Our Team

Rachel Braun


Rachel joined our team in April of 2016 when she took the role as farm manager of Old Town. Rachel, a Michigan State graduate, has over 10 years experience of working with elite trainers of the cutting and reining horse industry. Rachel adds so many facets to our program we cannot name them all!  She delights us with her amazing photography, and her most kind talent is the care of all the children and animals that interact on both farms. Her favorite time of the day is late in the afternoon when the farm is quiet and she can enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding scenery.


Kathy Sowers

Kathy is a long term caretaker and an important member of our Virginia Team. She has been married 25 years now and her family, including her animals, are her life. God blessed her with an amazing daughter, Morgan, who shares her love for animals. She too is an important part of our team. Kathy was raised with a southern lifestyle, but spent her early years in Wayne, NJ. Making her way south felt natural where she found her love and passion in the animal field as her true calling. 20 years ago she became a Vet Tech. She is excited to continue to use her skills and knowledge doing what she knows and loves most.  


Morgan Sowers

Morgan graduated from Bridgewater College in Business Administration with minors in Nutrition and Equine Science. Horses, as well as, cattle have been a large part of her life since she was little. She grew up on a cattle farm and started riding when she was 10 years old. Her positive energy and attitude are a wonderful addition to the team. We can't wait to see what the future holds for her.


Renee Anderson

Renee brings her new visions for our farm programs as a student at Mississippi State University. She is studying animal and dairy sciences and participated in our internship program in Summer 2016. Renee is stellar smart and kind, bringing a very strong organized view to our operations. Renee fell in love with the farm, and will now be the intern supervisor fo our 2017 summer intern program!  We are trying to convince her to stay forever!