Meet The Frists


Tracy Frist, originally from Blacksburg, Virginia, is the founder and owner-operator of Sinking Creek Land and Cattle in New Castle, Virginia, and Old Town Farm in Franklin, Tennessee.  Her company, Sinking Creek Grassfed Beef, follows the teachings of farmer Joel Salatin and Temple Grandin to produce and distribute the high mountain meadow, grass-fed beef in Virginia and Tennessee.  


Tracy has trained, bred and shown cutting horses throughout her life in Oregon, Texas, Virginia and now at Old Town Farm in Williamson County, Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and their four Australian Shepherds, adjacent to 700 year old temple mounds.


Tracy has advanced degrees in education, children's literature and human-animal bonding from Hollins College and Purdue University.  Her interests include writing, Appalachian history, women's farming, cycling, hiking and a love of nature.