Our Culture:

Sinking Creek Cutting Horses

More information on the culture is needed:

-Here at Sinking Ceek Cutting Horses we strive in finding ideal fits for not only our horses, but our clients and friends.

Our horses are loved, vet maintained, fit, and happy because of our awesme staff who cares for them day in and day out.

horses have personalities just like people so it is our mission to find the best fit.

By continuing our love for the cutting horse, our Quarter horses are smart, kind, and aim to please !

Come out and try any of our sales horses and we can ensure this process to be fun and rewarding. 

One of our staff will assit you during all steps . From allowing you to meet and greet any horse to riding our trails with you and if you stay at our "Farm Stay" we include multiple day packages for riding horses with us! 

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