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Day 3: Backpacking through Montana

Day 3. Today we get closer in touch with the wild spaces. Big hike and a little fishing, as Tracy’s hat becomes more colorful as we traverse meadows, scale hillsides and descend to and through the crystal clear creeks. Fresh drinking water from the creeks. Sore just a bit. Long rides on horseback use tiny muscles all over the body (little ones that had no names in medical school but still ache when taken to their limits!). Mules and horses were “belled” and allowed to roam freely for forage and grazing when not working! The clanging bells in the distance become a familiar, soothing melody.

Wilderness. Untouched by roads, or structures – just hiking and packing, with no evidence of humans. The unspoiled nature is allowed to evolve, as it has for millions and millions of years. Now the primitiveness is settling in, and it is calming, and centering, and healthy. Brings to mind what is behind Thoreau’s powerful words, “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”

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