Sinking Creek

Sinking Creek Farms

-Sinking Creek Land and Cattle

-originated as a grass-fed beef operation from Tracy Frist's love of nature, simplicity in keeping the cattle's calm disposition during meat process and from the love of the land has allowed this farm to blossom. Temple Grandin was also a huge influence in our grass fed beef operations.

The farm has grown vastly over the years from just one Historical home, one of which the very First Virginia Tech student lived to over 900 acres of breathtaking views in a small town of Craig County, Va.

By Allowng farming to continue in this town, Tracy has enabled growth in animals, food, youth development and was even able to include her love of the horse on this farm as well. We also are even offering people to experience lie on a farm so check out our information on our "Farm Stay" houses!

There is always something to learn on a farm- and this farm teaches you a lot!

We hope just by looking at your site you will learn nd enjoy too!

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