Sinking Creek Horses

Horses hold our passion. Bill and I have been involved with horses on many levels from childhood.  We knew Shetland ponies to bigger horses and never really knew the America Quarter Horse World until I spent some summer time in West Texas as a kid.

My Texas Grandpa was old and his horses were memories, but he taught me his talent with the great teams of horses that pulled combines through the Midwest of this country before the dustbowl. Born in Fort Worth, he had cowboyed at the Four Sixes and the King Rances.

My Saponi Grandmother had a pretty amazing story herself, living in the culture trying to look “not too native”. Sadly, life of assimilation was an easier route.  She drove huge mule steams and cooked at night on the Prairie for groups of male team drivers.
These Native and horse stories became ingrained in me, and I grew to love the product of mixing a western rugged native pony to a sleek, fleet-footed Spanish pony that melded traits over the the years to evolve the American Quarter Horse.  I sometimes like to think the swift moving ponies we breed today carry the ghosts of the early Native and ranching horses that shaped this country.
Today, after 35 years of breeding we still breed all-American Quarter Horses that are specifically and royally bred for the show pens of the great cutting arenas of Texas.  Bill and I believe this is an incredible sport that needs to have the best animal in both mind and body.  Horses that do not make this elite show cut still have an outstanding gene pool behind them and are taken by us to be ranch trained.  We have watched these ranch horses become some of the best minded, surefooted and dependable using and trail horses available.
Come know our farm, know us, and above all climb on a good cowpony and see how it all comes together. 

-Tracy Frist