Welcome to Sinking Creek

We are pleased that we can share the Sinking Creek story with you. Sinking Creek is a place - literally the creek that flows gently through our farm in Virginia - periodically disappearing from the surface to traverse endless limestone caves. Sinking Creek is the name we give to our two interrelated and connected farms, one in Williamson County in middle Tennessee and the other ten miles outside of New Castle in southwestern Virginia. It is also a state of mind - a movement. Started by Tracy Frist, it has grown into a way to share the knowledge and the centeredness that unfolds from the land, the animals, the water, the trees and the nature to which we are stewards. At Sinking Creek, you will discover prehistory through vibrant civilizations from a thousand years ago and a modern history from spirited people of today. You will know the balance of nature in its cycle of birth to death, both rough in its winters and tender in its springs. You will know the past legacy of two antebellum homes where big-hearted spirits are still felt, past and present. And you will delight in a legacy of good people eager to share passions of horse breeding, organic grassfed beef operations, goats used to shape the pastures and productive chickens. Most specially you will know a herd of people who are eager to share their experiences with you while staying on the property in a unique "Farm Stay" experience.

- Tracy & Bill Frist
Cows on Hill with Sunset
Woman on Tractor
Cows in Fog
6 - Fine cutting
Cows On Hill
Orange Flowers and A Barn in Field
Cows Next to Trees
White Goat
14 - Tracy on Ris